The historical Buddha taught during his entire life: the path that leads to the end of suffering.
—Teachings found throughout the Pali Canon



The founder's experience with the Buddha's teachings was the key inspiration for creating Three Jewels Dhamma Hall in 1997. It was established with the intention of having a place on the North Coast where teachers and sangha could meet.

Ajahn PasannoThe Hall was built of straw bale finished with concrete for environmental and aesthetic reasons. Construction began with a traditional bale raising similar to an old fashioned barn raising. Attendants included Ajahn Pasanno, Abbot, and other monks from Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery along with monastics in other Buddhist traditions. Members of the Mendocino Coast Buddhist community and social friends also participated.

During its first 13 years, Three Jewels hosted teachers from various traditions who gave day-long and weekend meditation retreats. Since 2010, Three Jewels has nurtured its connection with Abhayagiri and focused on the Theravadan Thai Forest Tradition.

Three Jewels Sangha is mentored by Ahjahn Pasanno. The teachings in this tradition follow the original teachings of the Buddha, who said, "I teach one thing only: the path that leads to the end of suffering."