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Visiting Monks

Teaching Monks
Winter Recess
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As always, monthly visits by teaching monks from Abhayagiri Monastery will be suspended until April 2018 while the Monastery is in its annual Winter Recess. All of the following weekly events will continue uninterrupted at Three Jewels.

Weekly Events

Mindfulness Meditation
Every Monday
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
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Three Jewels is beginning 2018 with a fresh format for its Monday night meeting. All are welcome to attend when they can to enjoy mindful practices together. Mindfulness meditation techniques beneficial to beginners as well as longtime meditators will be taught and practiced.

Mindfulness develops the faculty of being awake to the present moment, a valuable skill in our everyday lives. Its practices foster sharper concentration and deeper enjoyment of sensory experience. There is a world of difference being awake to the present moment and not.

These sessions are offered freely, though donations to maintain the Hall are always appreciated. Cushions, blankets, stools, and chairs are provided.

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Meditation, Study, Reflection
Every Sunday
9:30-11:00 a.m.

Open to all: experienced, beginners, those with beginner's mind, those with religion, those without, those unsure.

Each session begins with guided meditation. Next we consider a brief teaching, with an opportunity to have questions answered as well as to share how we can experience and apply the teaching in our everyday lives. As always, there is no charge, though freewill donations are accepted for use of the Hall.

The leader, Cindy Mettika Hoffman, was ordained as a lay minister in the Thai Forest Tradition of Buddhism at Abhayagiri Monastery. She was also given authorization to teach meditation by Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

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About Us

Three Jewels Dhamma Hall is just outside of Fort Bragg on the Mendocino coast of northern California. Three Jewels is dedicated to sharing Buddhist teachings in the Theravadan Thai Forest Tradition. The members of the Three Jewels group, or sangha, are mentored by Ajahn Pasanno, abbot of Abhayagiri, a monastery in the lineage of Ajahn Chah. Abhayagiri is located in the mountains outside of Redwood Valley, about 50 miles inland from Fort Bragg.

Three Jewels means Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. The word Buddha may refer to the historical Buddha who lived 2500 years ago, and it may also point to the wisdom that resides within each person. Dhamma means the teachings that the Buddha gave and can also mean things as they are right now. Sangha is the community of people who have practiced and internalized the teachings through the millennia.

The core of the teachings is how to live without creating suffering in oneself and others. It is soothing, reinforcing, and helpful to have a group of people who practice together. The teachings are open to all and are offered freely.

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Latest Talk

Bringing Meditation into Daily Life
Ajahn Pasanno
May 16, 2016
Ajahn Pasanno

The Buddha taught that in each of us the mind/heart is intrinsically radiant and pure, though often overwhelmed by transient obstructions. We allow visitors, chiefly uninvited, to become guests in the mind. We can retrain such habits to reconnect with our innate clarity. The Buddha's description of mindfulness is not of a passive state, rather one which requires effort to overcome unwholesome patterns and support wholesome states. Awakening is the natural result of the quality of knowing which we develop in meditation. Key practices to this development include mindfulness, discernment, recollection, and relinquishment. The essence of Buddhist practice is to nurture trust and confidence in this process.

You can also listen to guided meditation and discussion from this session.


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